Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

I tried to kill your Aunt Maggie...
...but I failed...
...and I fell. Little girl,
would you hand me my crutch, please?

What were you jumping high hurdles for?
Because I used to, and people like to do
what they used to do...

...after they've stopped being able to do it.
That's right. And that's your answer.
Now go away.
Stop that, you little no-neck monster!
You're just jealous
because you can't have babies.

You see?
Mae and Gooper gloat over us
being childless...

...even in front of their little
no-neck monsters.

I went to a doctor in Memphis.
A gynecologist.
He says there's no reason
why we can't have a child...

...whenever we want.
-Are you listening?
-Yes, Maggie, I hear you.

But how in hell do you imagine
you're going to have a child...

:36:35 a man who cannot stand you?
That, boy of mine...
:36:49 a problem I'll just have to work out.
Here comes that party, here we come!
Here comes that birthday party!
That's nice.