Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

-What did you do that for?
-Do what?

Wipe off her kiss?
Did I?
Your woman's got a better shape on her...
...than Gooper's got on his.
-Is that the only difference you've noticed?
-Difference in shape is pretty important.

-But in a way, they're a lot alike.
-How's that?

They don't look peaceful. How's that?
They're a couple of cats...
...sitting in the middle of 28,000 acres
of land. That's a lot of land.

They're both squaring off, determined
to get a bigger piece whenever you let go.

Yeah, well, I've got a surprise
for them babies.

I ain't letting go for a long time yet,
if they're waiting for that.

You just sit tight and let them
scratch each other's eyes out.

You bet your life.
Gooper's wife, she's a good breeder.
You'll have to admit she's fertile.

Five head of them already
and more coming.

6-0. She'll probably drop a litter next time.
-Are you stuck out there?
-I was just passing by.

You were just sneaking and spying.
Do I have to lock all the doors around here
to have a private conversation?

-Why hurt those that really love you?

I'm going to move you and Gooper
out of that room.

It's none of your business what goes on
in here between Brick and Maggie.

I hate sneaking and spying!
It makes me puke!

They listen, do they?
Yeah, they listen.
They run and tell Big Mama
everything they hear.

They say Maggie sleeps on the bed
and you sleep on the sofa. Is that true?

If you don't like Maggie, get rid of her!
-What are you doing now?
-Freshening up my drink.

-You know you've a real liquor problem?
-Yes, sir.

-Is that why you quit sports announcing?
-I guess so. Yes, sir, that's it.

Don't guess!
It's too important!
So you quit.