Mr. Reece...
- To the brim, that's what a cup's for.
- Yes, sir.

Mr. Reece...
...l'm a farmer.
You had me fooled.
No, what I mean is,
I was raised on a farm.

I know a lot about animals, and I'm
interested in the cattle business.

That's why I came here.
I'd like to go to work for you, sir.
What makes you think
you'd like to go trail-herding?

All my life I've dreamt
of going into the cattle business.

Getting on the trail.
I hate Chicago,
I'd like to live in the open.

- You know what I mean.
- I know.

Lying under the stars,
the boys singing around the campfire.

And your faithful old horse
grazing at the grass by your side.

- You do much riding?
- Me?

I bet I could ride all day and night.
Is that a fact?
- I bet you like horses.
- I sure do.

I thought so.
You're an idiot. A dreamy idiot,
and that's the worst kind.

Know what it's really like?
Dust storms and cloudbursts.

Only a fool wants that.
And that hogwash about horses.

The loyalty and intelligence
of the horse.

A horse's brain
is the size of a walnut.

They're mean, treacherous and stupid.
Not enough sense to move away
from a hot fire.

No sensible man loves a horse.
He tolerates the filthy animal
because riding's better than walking.