It got me.
It got me.
Go get him.
I got his legs. I got him here!
- Let go of me!
- Wait a minute!

You trying to pump that poison
to your heart?

Leave me alone.
Must have got him in the vein.
He's bleeding enough.

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Someday there'll be fences
up and down this trail.

I'd rather fight Indians than
cut my way through fences.

Joe would rather be fighting Indians.
- Makes him hungry thinking about it.
- Cut it out.

I was near starving to death.
I didn't even know that Indian.

Anyway, I threw away
everything but one haunch.

- Which one did you keep?
- The left one, of course.

The right one is the working haunch.
They're always tough.

How long do you figure to Guadalupe?
Eight or nine days,
something like that.

I've been dreaming every night
about them Mexican gals.

I wouldn't take $400
for what I dreamed last night.