From the Earth to the Moon

- Look at that.
- That's beautiful.

It's got to be one of the most
proud moments of my life...

I guarantee you.
Before painting the Sistine Chapel...
Michelangelo had to first construct
a massive scaffolding...

to allow him access to the ceiling...
without interfering
with the chapel's daily use.

He had to develop special wax models so
he could study the lighting effects...

to be duplicated in the frescoes...
and come up with a special
slow-drying plaster.

He suffered constant deadline pressure
from frustrated church officials...

and the Pope, who just wanted
the ceiling finished.

The work itself was uncomfortable
and unending...

with wet paint and plaster
dripping in the face of the man...

who was not, after all, a painter,
but a sculptor.

Such challenges arise in all
the great works of human imagination...

be they the creation of our world
rendered upon...

the ceiling of a church...
or the view of our world
evident by making the voyage...

from the Earth to the moon.