From the Earth to the Moon

Odyssey, Houston.
Standing by. Over.

- Okay, Joe.
- Okay, we read you, Jack.

We're looking at the weather on TV.
It looks just as advertised: Real good.

A remarkable end
to a four-day ordeal...

as the astronauts streak homeward...
We still have to wait for the drogue
chutes and the main parachutes.

They could have been damaged...
by exposure to low temperatures
when the heating elements...

were powered down.
I guess it's not over
till it's over.

The Soviets learned that
almost three years ago...

when the parachute of their Soyuz 1
capsule failed to open...

and Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov
was killed on impact.

Jesus. Anything make him happy?
He's just filling air.
We've got a couple
of good drogues.

There go the mains.