Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor

Therefore as God created man
in his own image

so I have created men in mine.
They will carry out my orders

and only they will enjoy
my confidence

that is why I have christened
them Oprichniki

These plans come not from God
but from the devil
He who defies
ancestral traditions

shall not remain sovereign
for long

Fyodor Kolychev!
Say no more
Why are you so severe with me,
Fyodor Kolychev?

Why, my good friend,
are you so cruel?

You should really pity me!
I am not Kolychev, I am
Philip the monk

I carry out the will of God
not the designs of the Tsar

Ever since l was a child
The boyars showed their hatred
of the Grand Duke of Moscow

After my father's death
My mother was killed
They have poisoned me!
Ah!... I am dying!