Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor

But I have no close friends
God refuses me the sweet
consolations of friendship

On whose shoulders can I rest
my head?

With whom can I share my joys
and sorrows?

I am alone, abandoned
I had a single close friend-

She has left me
I had a friend, Kurbsky
He has betrayed me
No, not just myself...
but our great cause

I don't fear the trouble-makers
I don't fear the sword, poison
or betrayal

I fear not for myself
But I tremble for our great

A new cause, on which one had
hardly embarked

There is no higher destiny
than to reign

according to ancient traditions
As our ancestors did.
Pay heed to the boyars

Share your authority with them
You lie, monk!
These are old wives' tales!
You reject the counsel of
your spiritual guide? Very well!

Remain alone!
Condemned, accursed...
and alone!

It is no longer the Tsar
who pleads with you

but a friend crushed by
the burden of authority

Don't leave me in my isolation.
Stay with me