Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor

and wipe out the traitors too
It's just going back on your
word that worries you, isn't it?

There is a way out...
use a cat's paw

No, a red-headed dog - me,

I'll take the Tsar's sins
on my shoulders

I'll give my soul for the Tsar
I'll go to hell if need be,
but I'll keep the Tsar's word

What does the hound do when the
game tries to go to earth?

Flies straight as an arrow
to the lair

He outwits it...
heads it off

outruns it
Outstrip the priest?
Is that what you're suggesting?

So he won't have time
to double back?

You'd give your soul
for the Tsar!

Eh, dog?
You complain the Tsar doesn't
spoil you?

Be off with you!
Do what you have to do. By God's
will, be judge and executioner

And to outstrip the priest
We'll start on some of his
distant relatives, the Kolychevs

Kolychevs are untamed,
but we'll tame them!