Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor

I charge you
to excommunicate him

I shall return to my monastery
You daren't. If you don't bring
the Tsar to heel

you will answer for it
before God!

Ah!... my lord!
I ask for justice against
the Tsar, and protection

I ask that the boyars' cause
be defended

No, I do not ask, my lord,
I demand!

That's not all I'm demanding
I demand that the Tsar
be humbled

I do not ask,
I demand!
God be my witness
It is not for myself
nor for the members of my family
who have been executed

that I take up the sword.
It is on behalf of the boyars

Justice must be done against
the Tsar

Beneath my priestly robes
beats the heart of a Kolychev!

And a Kolychev who is a prince
of the Church!

Even the Tsar can do nothing
against the Church