Ivan Groznyy II: Boyarsky zagovor

into the hands
of an unjust Tsar

who is the wickedest
in the world

With her staff
the old lady...
Hands off the Tsar's aunt!

She's Tsarina in her own house!
So she slapped your faces,
you and your henchmen!

I recognize the family
spirit right enough!

Perhaps this is the right moment
to polish off the Staritskys
with one blow

They've opposed the Tsar's will!
It is not for you, Alexei, to
tell the Tsar what to do

Not for you, Fyodor
to raise your hand against
the Tsar's family

No harm shall come to

as long as she calls herself
the Tsar's aunt

and does not claim to become
the mother of a Tsar

a Tsar who submits to the boyars
As for you, Basmanovs...
learn to keep your place!

And the poisoned goblet...
have you forgotten that?

Be quiet
Be quiet, Fyodor! Don't mention
that grave charge!

God grant it was not she who
was guilty!