Man of the West

- Can I help you, pardner?
- If you please.

- What do you wanna do with it?
- Right up over there.

That's it.
- I guess you're leaving.
- You're a good guesser.

Goodbye, Willie. And thank you
for being the only man here

not to make an indecent proposal.
If I'd had my strength I might have.
Tell her to sing loud and watch out
for the manager's hands.

Good luck, Billie.
- Say, can a fella eat in here?
- Sure, go right on in.

(Horse neighs)
- Can you care for a horse?
- Sure.

Henry, got a customer.
Wants you to stable his horse.

That's just fine.
- What's your name?
- Link Jones.

- Link Jones? J-O-N-E-S?
- That's right.

Where you from?
Oh, west of here five days... Good Hope.
How much do you charge?
Two bits a day. A dollar in advance.
Tom, take care of his horse, will you?
- Where can a fellow wash up around here?
- Out there in back.