Man of the West

Here they are, Uncle Dock.
- Look at the build on her.
- Yeah.

Her name is Miss Ellis.
This is Mr Beasley.

My name is Sam Beasley.
We can always use
another good hand, Beasley.

There's a man outside digging a grave.
Go help him.

Wait a minute.
- Here.
- (Men laugh)

- This your woman, Link?
- Yes, she's my woman.

I admire your taste.
Yeah. My name's Dock Tobin.
D-O-C-K Tobin.
Ever hear that name before?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

Your man used to be with me.
We rode together, killed together.
He ever tell you that?
Did you ever tell her that, Link?
We're going to be together again,
isn't that so?

That's right.
You came back to ride with me.
- That's why I came back.
- Yeah.

He got left by the train. He's lying.
I don't like having him here.

You're not big enough to shine his boots.
- No?
- No. Keep your mouth shut.