Touch of Evil

- Uh, you folks American citizens?
- I am, yes.

- Where were you born, miss?
- Missus.

- What?
- Philadelphia.

- The name is Vargas.
- Hey, Jim! See who's here?

Sure. Mr. Vargas.
Hot on the trail of another dope ring?

Hot on the trail
of a chocolate soda for my wife.

- Wife?
- Barely a bride, officer.

- [Chuckling]
- Hey, can I get through?

Lotta talk up here about
how you cracked that Grandi business.

- What?
- Yeah, we hear you caught the big boss.

Only one of'em. The Grandis
are a big family. Good night.

Good night.
No purchases, Mr. Linnekar.

- Hey. Hey, I got this...
- Are you an American citizen, miss?

- You know, I've got this ticking noise...
- Yeah, okay.

- No, really.
This ticking noise in my head...
- Good night.

Mike, do you realize,
this is the very first time
we've been together in my country?

Do you realize, I haven't
kissed you in over an hour?

[People Chattering]
- ¿¿ Que paso?
- No se. Un car exploto.

- Mike, what happened?
- That car that just passed us exploded.

The car?
How could it do that?

I don't know.
I'll have to try to find out.

- You'd better not come
any closer. There's...
- Oh.

We'll have to postpone
that soda, I'm afraid.

[Sirens Wailing]
- Mike, couldn't l...
- Susie, please, be careful.

- This could be very bad for us.
- For us?

For Mexico, I mean. Anyway,
there's nothing I can do over here.