There were some pins in my hair?
Oh, the pins?
Yeah, right in here, I'll get 'em for you.

And my purse, please.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.

- You shouldn't have brought me here.
- I didn't know where you lived.

You could've looked in my car. But then
you didn't know my car, did you?

I knew which one it was -
it's outside now -

but I didn't think you wanted
to be taken home in that way.

You're right. I'm glad you didn't
take me home,

I wouldn't have known you. Thank you.
But we don't know each other.
My name is Madeleine Elster.

- My name is John Ferguson.
- Good strong name.

- Your friends call you John or Jack?
- John, mostly.

Old friends call me John,
acquaintances call me Scottie.

- I shall call you Mr Ferguson.
- Oh, gee whizz, I wouldn't like that.

After this afternoon,
I should think you'd call me Scottie,

maybe even John.
Well, I prefer John.
There, that's done.
And what do you do, John?

- Wander about.
- That's a good occupation.

And you live here, alone?
- One shouldn't live alone.
- Some people prefer it.

No, it's wrong.
I'm married, you know.
Will you tell me something?
Has this ever happened to you before?

- What?
- Falling into San Francisco Bay?

No, it's never happened before.
I've fallen into lakes
out of rowboats as a little girl.