Anatomy of a Murder

He might have.
Isn't it a fact there are three
concealed pistol racks behind the bar?

The defendant's plea is one of insanity,
not self-defense.

I'm sure Mr. Biegler hasn't forgotten
that fact, Mr. Lodwick.

You may answer.
Are there concealed gun racks
behind the bar?

And how many people know
about these gun racks?

- I couldn't say.
- Isn't it a fact...

that Barney would take the guns out
of the racks and twirl them...

to demonstrate his skill
to the patrons?

- I don't remember.
- Come on.

Try and remember.
Did you ever see him do that yourself?

- Once or twice he did.
- That's all.

- No further questions.
- The witness may step down.

Call George Lemon.
Biegler's going off
in all directions.

What's he getting at?
I have a feeling he's afraid
of what we'll get at.

Mr. Biegler's putting up
a smoke screen for some reason.

- I do.
- Take a seat please.

- Will you state your name, please?
- George Lemon.

What kind of work do you do?
I'm caretaker of the tourist park
in Thunder Bay.

I see the place is clean
and orderly.

I check people in and out
and lock the gate at night.

And what is your authority
for these duties?

I'm paid by Madison Township
and I'm also a deputy sheriff.

Just courtesy, sort of.
Did you see Lt. Manion
on the night of the 1 5th?

- The night Barney Quill was killed?
- Yes, sir.

Will you tell the court
about how and when...

you saw Lt. Manion.
About 1 :00 a.m. a knock on my door
waked me up.

I went to the door and Lt. Manion
was standing there.

He said, ""You better take me, Mr. Lemon,
because I just shot Barney Quill.""

I told him to go back to his trailer
and that I would call the state police.

How did Lt. Manion appear to you
when he asked you to take him?