Anatomy of a Murder

Objection overruled.
Sergeant Durgo,
tell the court...

how Lt. Manion described
the trouble his wife had with Quill.

He told us that Quill
had raped his wife.

Now, can you recall generally what
Lt. Manion told you about this rape?

Yes, sir. He said he'd been asleep
right after dinner.

He was waked up by some noise--
screams he thought.

He got up, opened the trailer door
and went outside.

His wife came running out of the dark
and fell into his arms.

As you saw his wife in the trailer,
how did she look?

She was a little hysterical.
She'd been pretty badly beaten up.

She had big black bruises
all over her face and arms.

Did Mrs. Manion tell you
about this rape and beating?

- She did.
- Did she take you to where it happened?

Yes, the next morning.
Did you find anything there pertaining
to the story Mrs. Manion told you?

On the lane in the woods we found
some tire tracks and some dog tracks...

and a leather case with
some horn-rimmed glasses inside.

We also looked for...
a certain undergarment of Mrs. Manion's,
but we didn't find it.

Will the attorneys for both sides
approach the bench?

Mr. Biegler, you've finally got
your rape into the case.

I think all the details should now
be made clear to the jury.

- Do you agree, Mr. Lodwick?
- Absolutely.

What exactly was the undergarment
just referred to?

Panties, Your Honor.
- Do you expect this to come up again?
- Yes, sir.

There's a certain light connotation
attached to the word ""panties.""