Apur Sansar

You're a fine friend.
Why didn't you tell me
you'd left the student hostel?

I've been searching north Calcutta
for you since four o'clock

I finally got your address from the
people you give private lessons to

What's so funny?
You've put on weight
I had.
I lost it these last three hours

Would you like tea at the cafe
around the corner?

All right.
But I've two tickets for
us to see Sadhabar Ekadashi

Is this a hideout? Are you
forging banknotes or something?

I wish I could
And you cook for yourself?
I'll cook you a meal one day:
Rice and potatoes

What about the railway job?
I thought you'd got it
There was a strike on, and they
wanted people as strike-breakers

So you've been unemployed?
I give some private lessons