Apur Sansar

You'll go abroad,
become an engineer,

get a fat job and settle down
So I'm prosaic? That's gratitude!
Who took you in hand in Calcutta?
Country bumpkin scared of the traffic

Who read your first short story,
and what did he say about it?

Don't get so worked up
Do you know why I feel so elated?
I've had my first good meal
for months, thanks to you

Well, are you writing anything?
A wonderful novel
Why didn't you tell me?
- Do you know a good publisher?
- No problem

A boy
A village boy.
Poor, but sensitive

Father, a priest. He dies
The boy doesn't want to be a priest.
He wants to study, he's ambitious

He studies
In the process, I see him struggle
He sheds superstition and prejudice
He takes nothing on trust
He tries to be rational
He has imagination,
he's intrigued by little things

He has greatness in him, perhaps.
He has the ability to create

But he doesn't