Ballada o soldate

What on earth are you doing?
The train"s here.
It"s about to leave.

- What"s with you?
- What do you mean? We have to go!

I have your suitcase.
- So go by yourself.

- What"s wrong?
- What do you want? Beat it!

Beat it? I have your suitcase.
Fine, I"m going.
- Wait a minute. Don"t be angry, friend.

Things are hard for me.
I wrote to my wife
and told her I wouldn"t be coming.

- Why?
- I have to.

Even before the war,
things weren"t working out.

I was jealous of her.
And now--

Be quiet!
I don"t want to, you understand?
She"s young and pretty.
She"ll find her happiness, right?
I don"t know.
She will.
- What about you?
- What?

Where will you go now?
Russia is a big country.
That"s despicable!
It"s despicable to think that way!
She"s waiting for you.
And what do you do?

You lie! It"s despicable!