Ballada o soldate

I understand perfectly.
It"s not allowed. It"s strategic cargo.

- Hay is strategic cargo?
- Depends on who it"s for.

- For horses. Who else?
- Depends on what kind of horses.

Fine, your hay is strategic!
But you"ve got to understand.
I"ve come from the front.

I"m on leave. I"ve already used up
half a day and I only have two.

I understand perfectly,
but the lieutenant won"t.

- What kind of man is he?
- Him? A beast! Got it?

Listen, let"s forget
about the lieutenant.

I"ll climb into the car
and he won"t know anything about it.

As if I feel like getting
court-martialed for you.

Why court-martialed?
You set the wagon on fire,
and I get court-martialed.

- Why on earth would I set it on fire?
- How would I know?

What do you have in that bag?
Maybe something flammable?

It"s just canned beef. Look.
Canned beef?
So, you"re trying to bribe a guard?
- What? Give me that!
- What"s with you?

I was just kidding.
What, you can"t take a joke?

Well, you convinced me.
Climb in.

Not a sound. Got it?
Got it.