Imitation of Life

Thank you, Mr. McKinney.
Shh. Good-bye.
Good morning, darling.
Good morning,
Sarah Jane.
I want a kiss too.

Well, of course.
Annie said we had to be quiet
until you got up.

Now we can talk out loud.
Now we can even scream.

Children! What...
Oh, good morning,
Miss Lora.
Good morning.

How are you
this morning?
Just fine.

I'd love some coffee.
Well, Annie, you shouldn't
have done my laundry.

I like taking care
of pretty things.

Thank you.
Where did they come from?

The milkman was here
a minute ago.

I told him to leave
your regular order.

Oh, no. He didn't come
to leave my order. He stopped
doing that two weeks ago.

May I?
Thank you.

He wanted to collect
something on his bill.

Didn't say anything
about a bill to me.
He was very polite.

Gave me the order and said,
looked like things
were picking up.

He thought you were my maid.
Now he thinks I'm prosperous.

No sin in lookin' prosperous.
Just a way of showin'
your trust in the lord.

Telling him you're ready
whenever he is.

I'll get it, Miss Lora.
Miss Meredith's

I'll see if it's convenient
for Miss Meredith
to come to the phone.

Is it the landlord
Mr. Berwitt?

Pretty sure he said
the A-Acme Model Agency.

Yes, this is Miss Meredith.