Imitation of Life

Yes. Yes, I can be there
by then.

Fine. Thank you.
Oh, Annie, I've got
a job modeling.

A job?
I've registered everywhere.
But this is the first call.

Now, isn't that fine?
Annie, if you have
no other plans, will you stay
with Susie until I come back?

Why, certainly.
Do you know this will be
the first money I've earned
since I came to New York?

Except for those envelopes.
I was wondering what they were.
I address them
for a mail-order house.

By hand.
It gives them a personal touch,
and I can do them at home.

They should have been
finished yesterday.
Well, can't be helped.

If I get a job modeling,
at least I'll be seen.

Good boy.
Yes, that's fine.
That's what I want.
Hold it. Beautiful.

Just a minute.
Hold it.

How could you sneeze?
I had it.

I'm sorry, but it must be
this flea powder.

No, no, no. Don't move.
You'll unfocus me.

Art they want
and I get sneezes.

Now, don't move a hair.
Not one hair.

Hold it, hold it.
Got it. Perfect.
You were
wonderful, Henry.
I never sneeze. Really...

Your check will be
in the mail.

It would be so much
more convenient...
Checks are mailed on Thursday.

We don't want to confuse
the bookkeeper.

Don't forget to leave
the wardrobe.