Imitation of Life

Miss Meredith's residence.
Oh, this is
Miss Meredith's residence?

That'll be Annie, my maid.
I'll talk to her.

Annie, uh, call
the Waldorf and tell, um,

you-know-who I cannot have
cocktails and dinner with him.

Uh, I know who?
Oh, yes, Miss Lora,
I'll do that.

Thank you.
Well, Mr. Loomis,
it looks like I'm free.

That'll be just fine.
Should be an interesting
evening for me.

Hollywood actress and...
Oh, that reminds me.
Excuse me.

Yes, Mr. Loomis?
Annette, get me Hollywood,
Mr. Robert Hayes.

International Studios,
right? International...

Maybe you better not
go through with that call.

You don't think so?
Why not?

Because Robert Hayes
doesn't exist.

I understand.
Annette, cancel the call.

Yes, Mr. Loomis.
I was desperate.

You were pretty good.
You lied. All actresses lie.
I know that.

But I believed you.
I'm sorry.

Don't leave.
You took me in.

For all of 20 seconds,
you took me in,
but I don't mind.

It was a good acting job,
and you're very pretty.

Now, about tonight.
Shall I pick you up?

Um, no, it'll be easier
for me to meet you here.

You'll find me
very prompt, Mr. Loomis.

Come on in.