Imitation of Life

Sit down. I just have
a few letters to sign.

Oh, drink?
No, thank you.

But aren't we going
to be late to the party?
Plenty of time, plenty.

And I need a drink.
So relax.

Say, you're not allergic
to mink, are you?

Mink? No,
I don't think so.

Try this on for size.
But whose is it?
Mine. And I only loan it
to very special clients.

I want you to wear it
You want me to wear...

Please. Got to think
of my reputation.

I haven't been seen
with a girl without a mink
since the heat wave of'39.

Come on.
We should spend
a little time talking
about our future.

You can act. Well,
that's of no importance
at the moment.

The main thing is,
you're a beaut.

Please, don't.
Oh, and you're decent too.

No doubt possess
some fine principles.

Well, me, I'm a man
of very few principles,

and they're all open
to revision.

But I'm in a position
to do something for you.

You'll get 10% of everything
I make. Isn't that enough?

No. Now,
sit down and listen.

Here it is, short and clear.
You're not a chicken.

You're no high-hearted kid
out of some drama school,

wanting to do or die
for dear old Thespis.

And you're beginning
under a handicap.

I know I'm starting late.
So time isn't on your side.

But you do have
some qualifications.

Your face will pass.
You've good, nice, long
silky legs. I like them.

You have a chest full
of quality and quantity.
I like it.

Aren't you taking
a few things for granted?
Me? I don't count.

But there are certain
people who do, and you're
going to meet all of them.

That is, if you're really
serious about your career.

I am, but...
Good, then you're going
every place with me.

Every party, opening night,
every saloon in town.

With a complete new
wardrobe at my expense.

Oh, it's tax deductible.
This is a tough,
competitive racket.

Although it's a lot
more than any agent
is supposed to do,