Imitation of Life

Wasn't she great?
You're going to join us,
aren't you?

Just wish her all the luck
in the world for me.

Tell her
I was wrong.

Oh, Annie,
wasn't Mother
just wonderful?

Susie! Susie, wait!
I've got to hurry.
Mama's bringing them all home.

Sarah Jane!
Oh, yes!
Thank you.

Oh, that's very sweet.
you were wonderful.

How sweet.
Wasn't it... Steve!

Hello, Lora.
And congratulations.

Oh, Steve,
I can't believe it.

Oh, Lora, I'd... I'd like you
to know Louise Morton.
How do you do?

How do you do,
Miss Meredith?
I loved your performance.

Thank you very much.
Um, Steve Archer,

How do you do?
How do you do?

A very old
and dear friend.

Oh, and, uh,
Miss Morton.

Hi. Hello.
Nice meeting you.

Oh, Steve,
it's been so long.

Ten years.
Oh, and you haven't
changed a bit.

How are Annie
and the kids?
Oh, Annie's fine.

You'd never know
the children, they're
so grown-up and lovely.

Uh, look, we're
all going to my house
to wait for the reviews.

- Why don't you join us?
- Well, let's get going.

You mind us
riding with you folks?
Fine. We have plenty of room.

That'd be nice.
All right.

Mmm. I'm glad
the opening's over.

Now I hope Mother will
have some time for me
before my graduation.

I have a lot of subjects
I wanna discuss with her.
I don't want to forget any.

Annie, do you wanna
hear them?
Sure, honey.

The most important
is Jane Beeler's party.
There are gonna be boys.

And under that
I have an "A" and a "B"
I wanna discuss with Mother.