Invisible Invaders

Thanks. I'm all right.
The spray gun won't work.
It's not fast enough.

However, I still think
the acrylic spray is the answer.

When I hit the body with it,
the invader took off fast.

- He was afraid of it.
- But how can we use it?

Well, that depends on Lamont's nerves.
Major, you've been trying...
All right, all right, take it easy. Relax.
I need your help. I'm asking for it.
My life will be in your hands,
and I don't want to go into this thing with...

two strikes against me.
- What do you want me to do now?
- I'll tell you in a minute.

Dr. Penner, can you make up
a large amount of this spray?

- We might.
- All right.

We're gonna have to move fast now,
after what's happened.

Have any of you wondered
why I wasn't killed by that invader?

You said the invader
was frightened by the spray.

That's right.
The spray was more important than I was.

He probably went back to his spaceship...
to report we were getting close
to something that might bother them.

Now they'll double their forces
to find our bunker and knock it out.

It will also mean the entire area
around here will be filled with them.

That's why only two of us will leave.
Phyllis and Dr. Penner will stay here.

If we're not back,
there'll be someone left to keep working.

- There's only one radiation suit.
- That's all we need.

You'll stay in the cab of the truck.
It's protected.

As you say.
All right, let's get busy on the spray.
I'll explain what I have in mind.

Knowing the invader's spaceship
must be in the area...

Maj. Jay chose a likely spot to set
his trap for catching one of the enemy.