It Happened to Jane

If you would be good enough to sign here
in the three places.

Mr. Sloan, my loss is much more than $700.
Why, your railroad killed
more than my lobsters.

It probably killed my chances
for a successful season.

- Mrs. Osgood...
- I'm sorry.

- I only want what is right.
- Exactly.

We're here in good faith, Mrs. Osgood.
The railroad believes you should...

- Mum.
- Up here, sweetheart.

Mum, I've passed my electricity elective.
I've earned my Silver Arrow point.
Haven't I, Akela?

You should have seen him.
He was really something.

George, Mr. Harris and Mr. Sloan
of the E&P Railroad.

- Gentlemen, my attorney, George Denham.
- Oh, yes.

George, these gentlemen want me
to accept $700.

Aren't you forgetting
the damage to Mrs. Osgood's business...

- and her reputation?
- That's right.

Marshalltown Country Club wrote and said
they would never order my lobsters again.

They said that I ruined their Calcutta,
and they'll tell all the other country clubs.

They've already told Epicure magazine,
and I can't advertise in there anymore.

They said I misrepresented...
George wrote and told them in the letter.

- That's right.
- Did you hear from counsel, Harris?

- Of course he did.
- There was a rather odd communication.

"As the Democratic candidate
for first selectman in Cape Anne...

- "I'm asking for the endorsement"...
- Same as last year's letter.

- I want you to go right to bed.
- I must have put the wrong letter...

- in the right envelope.
- George, really.

I apologise.
Our station agent informs me that
you are a widow trying to support yourself...

and your two children.
Believe me, I'm speaking now
as one not unfamiliar...

with the guiding spirit
of the Eastern & Portland Railroad.

- Take this cheque.
- I will not.

Including myself, the legal staff
of our organisation numbers 26 men.

In the past year, thanks to the incandescent
personality of the man we serve...

the E&P has been the defendant
in 314 litigations.

Of those, we lost one.
It involved an upper berth...
an untimely addition
to the population of New Hampshire...

and a recalcitrant conductor.
You, as a lawyer at the bar,
I think, will agree with me...