It Happened to Jane

Here's a scoop. Standing beside
his Uncle Otis is George Denham...

the young backcountry lawyer who brought
a huge corporation to its knees.

Millions of little people
just like yourself are waiting...

to hear from your own lips, your own story,
the story that proves...

once again, the eternal glory of America.
The story of equal opportunity for all
where no man is bigger than his neighbour.

Would that my voice could carry behind
the Iron Curtain, ladies and gentlemen.

For here, in this tiny village,
beneath the rock-bound coast of Maine...

the eternal drama of America
is being enacted before your very eyes.

There he goes, folks. Too modest to talk.
Too brave to bow
before Harry Foster Malone.

I'd like to see that man's
war record some day.

Old 97.
Billy Osgood!
Where's your mum? Do you know?
The man with the pipe came and got her
this morning.

Man with the pipe? Oh, the reporter.
- Where did they go, do you know?
- He asked her to show him the town.

Thank you.
George Denham sits there. You met George?
Yes, I met George.
Hank sat here. Hank was my husband.
- And this is the Boyd pew.
- Boyds?

- I was Jane Boyd. The last of the Boyds.
- The last?

Mother died when I was born
and that left Dad and me.

Dad was the town historian.
A Boyd helped settle Cape Anne.
A Boyd built this church.

I envy you.
It must have been fun growing up here.

It was, Mr. Hall, it really was.
This is where the choir sits, right here.

I'll never forget
I got my first proposal right here.

- Are you sure you want to hear all this?
- I want to know all about you.

- Go on. Who proposed to you?
- George.