It Happened to Jane

Hello, this is Garry Moore.
Hey, that's great. Yeah, I'll tell everybody.
Garry, I know who it's gotta be.
You can take your blindfold off.
I've just this moment talked to Mr. Malone...

president of the E&P Railroad.
He is cancelling her rent
and he is giving her the train.

Akela, the train is ours.
We got a train, Akela.
Isn't it wonderful?
- We get to keep it.
- All right!

Your call, madam.
- You mean I can take it here?
- Pick it up, Jane.

Thank you.
Hello, George. Hi.
How are the children? Oh, that's good.
We're in the most beautiful
restaurant you've ever seen.

It's the... Wait a minute. What is it?
- Le Chevalier Mauve.
- Whatever that means.

- Purple Knight.
- The Purple Knight. We're celebrating.

George, I'm drinking champagne.
- And spending another night in New York.
- And spending another night in New York.

You're spending another night in New York?
She's spending another night in New York.
I think you'd better come home, dear.
Say hi to Mummy.

- Hi, Mummy.
- That's it. Say hi to your mummy.

Those are your children, dear,
and they are getting hungry.

- George.
- I'll call you later.

But, Akela, we're not hungry.
- Your mother's acting like a...
- Your mother's acting like a what?

Nothing, dear. Just pour the tea.
I'm warning you, stupid.
Matilda, I'm asking you.
Please ring the hotel just once more.

I gotta talk to the room clerk.