Journey to the Center of the Earth

I don't want any tea!
I only want my post.
Don't shout at me!
I can shout
just as loud as you!

For two weeks,
you haven't eaten or slept.

Out, woman!
Here's your post,
Uncle Oliver.

Another day,
and still nothing!

Can you believe that?
No answer.

And where is Alec McEwen?
At the university.
How long does it take
to get a letter from
Stockholm to England?

Answer the bell.
We have to speak
to Sir Oliver.

Don't tell us
he's busy.

Callers? That's
all I need.

Oliver, we all know your
reputation for rudeness.

You're also
a conscientious man.

But you've skipped
every lecture for two weeks.

I'm involved in
something important.

More important
than our university?

Something any university
would envy us.

Ah, yes!
Ha ha!

You laugh!
What does the name
Arne Saknussemm mean to you?

Saknussemm, Saknussemm.
Didn't he write about
the lost city of Atlantis?

That was
his early career.

He's famous for
his study of volcanoes.

Out of a volcano
came this message from him.

It lay unnoticed
for 100 years

until picked up
by some peasant,

gathered dust in a curiosity shop
until it came to me.

Here is a translation
of the words.

"I'm dying, but my life's work
must not be lost.

"Whoever descends into the crater
of Sneffels Yocul

"can reach the center
of the earth.

I did it.
Arne Saknussemm."

Center of the earth?

That's an extinct volcano
in Iceland.

According to this, it
must lead to an unknown region.

But this is
sheer fantasy.

You haven't heard
all of it.

There's a postscriptum.