Journey to the Center of the Earth

I am stricken.
The University of Stockholm
informs me

that Professor Goetaborg
has vanished from Sweden.

His disappearance
follows closely the date

when my communication
must have reached him...

with all my material.
He evidently didn't think it
important enough to answer.

Or too important.
McEwen, find out when
the next ship leaves for Iceland.

I will not be beaten
to my goal.

What is your goal?
You heard
Saknussemm's message.

Oliver, you're
seriously ill.

I am
seriously well.

Don't wait.
I said hurry.

I must
start packing.

To go where?
To Iceland,
to begin with.

And then?
Where Arne Saknussemm went.
I can't wait while
that scoundrel named Goetaborg

exploits what I
foolishly gave him.

Don't you see
what's at stake?

The ultimate aim
of all science...

to penetrate
the unknown.

We know less
about our earth

than about the stars
and outer space.

The greatest mystery
is right here under our feet.

And now, if you'll
excuse me, gentlemen.

I must speak
with you.

I have no time
for words.

You must
take time, sir.

This is urgent.
Not for me.
I have to
go to Iceland.

I'm going with you.
To the center
of the earth.