Journey to the Center of the Earth

All Iceland
must be aware

that the Scots
have arrived.

I wish Jenny
could hear me.

Homesick already?
It's painful
to leave your fiancée

on the first day
of your engagement.

But to come back
as a world famous scientist,

that's not
to be sneezed at.

Did you expect
a fight of stairs

with a red carpet?
I neglected
to tell you

I have a nervous fear
of heights.

You'll get over that
after the first
million fathoms or so.

Million fathoms.
He's been here!
He's been
surveying here.

This is
fresh-cut wood.

Your revered colleague
from Stockholm.

He isn't wasting
any time.

Do you think he's
already gone down?

No. Saknussemm stipulated
the last day of May.

Go back to Reykjavik.
Buy every foot of rope
that's available.

Stock up on hardtack, bread,
chocolate, and medical supplies.

But more than anything,
inquire whether they
have Ruhmkorf lamps.

Have another carriage

at the foot of
the slope at sunset.

Can we prepare it
that quickly?

We must.
We're in a race.

What's that
you're taking?

farewell gift.

I’ll keep it
with me always.