Journey to the Center of the Earth

I'm the wife of
Professor Goetaborg.

Oh, my dear.
What is it?
My husband didn't
meet me at the pier.

Is something wrong?
Please sit a minute
before you go up.

Please, my dear.
He seemed so well.
Early in the morning,
he went to the mountain.

He came back and received
a luncheon guest in the lobby.

I saw him myself.
They went up to his room
and ate.

What are you trying
to tell me?

That my husband is...
His guest left
about 4:00.

When the maid went
to make the bed...

Oh, dear God.
I can't remember anyone
ever dying in my inn.

We called a doctor,
but it was too late.

We left him up there
because you were coming.

Just 10 days ago,
he was joking on the pier
in Stockholm.

The moment
he arrived here,

he sent me a message
just with one word...

my deep sympathy.

My name is
Oliver Lindenbrook

of Edinburgh University.
I take it you're familiar
with that name?

Professor Lindenbrook.
I see you are.
I must ask a question.