Journey to the Center of the Earth

What are you doing?
Big ox.
Put me down.
Somebody please
explain this outrage.

Are we to be abducted
every day in Iceland?

Ja, madam.
She speaks

I do,
but I wish to apologize
to you in plain English.

I went through
my husband's diary.

I believe I have
done you an injustice.

Don't give it
another thought.

I'm Sir Oliver's assistant,
Alec McEwen.

This expedition began
thanks to this lad.

Began... that's all
it has done.

If you still want
the equipment,

it's yours.
Will you
say that again?

I won't stand in the way
of the Lindenbrook

My husband had
boots made specially.

I hope they fit.
Mine will be
ready without delay.

Your man's ordering
some for me.

Good, good.
What was that?
Why would you need
boots like this?

I can't go in these.
Go where, madam?
Don't say it.
I'm coming along.

That's why I'm giving you
all of this.

That's a condition.
You didn't mention
any condition.

Then I do now.
Whom were you taking
besides this young man?

The big Icelander.
Then I'll be very useful.
He doesn't
understand English.

You can't come.
You're a woman!

What has my sex
to do with it?

We're not contemplating
a stroll down Piccadilly.

Professor Lindenbrook,
I've just lost my husband.