Les Quatre cents coups

Hurry up! It's late!
I didn't hear the alarm

That I would have dirtied
the classroom walls!

There's no socks around these holes!
Buy a new pair!
The others are in the laundry

I gave you money for sheets
for the kid's bed

He prefers his sleeping bag
Right, honey?
At least I'm warm in it
You still here?
Bye, Pa! Mama!
Don't rush so fast!
We'll get locked out
and have to see the director

- No need to hurry!
- Why?

The prof said he won't let ya in
- He means it?
- He can't stand you

- Have you money?
- Yes for the canteen

Trust me... This way!
What'll we do now?
Follow me!
Put your satchel with mine