Ningen no joken I

Just one hour?
The remainder is all yours.
All right! l'll give you 2 hours,
But not a minute more!

Mr. Kaji!
They escaped again!
And Okishima?
He's over at their camp,
l'll go right away
No ... please!
l'm sorry but l can't go now!
Go on alone and have
a good time with Yasuko.

But ... l want you!
But this is my job.
l don't care! You're on vacation.
You don't have to go back now!

Leave it to Okishima ...
l'll wait till after lunch.

l'll never make it.
You don't want to do!
Stop it!
Your work ... yes! But do you know
how important this is to us?

l'll make up for it!
You needn't bother!
Why the fuss over such a tiny matter?
Such a tiny matter?
You don't care
how l feel about it.

At any rate, l can't leave now,
l see! Then l'll go by myself.