Our Man in Havana

But you have every reason to be confident.
You've pulled a big scoop.

You're our man in Havana.
The best agent in the western hemisphere.

Do I give that impression?
But that's your cleverness.
Don't you have a room without a bed?
Beds always make one talk.

- What's next door?
- Milly's room.

But that's got a bed in it, too.
- I never knew you'd been in the Army.
- Who has not been?

It is nice for Mr. Wormold
to have a secretary.

A short time ago you were worried,
I remember.

Things change for no particular reason.
Excuse me. I'm expecting a telephone call.
- Do you have this one, Mr. Wormold?
- How very kind of you.

I think I've discovered
where to find you a Vat 69.

Know what I'd do with your collection?
Use them for chequers.

Such a dull game.
What if when you take a man, you drink it?
What handicapping. What finesse.

A game to make us
forget the world we live in.

Don't you read anything but medical books,
Dr. Hasselbacher?

I have little time for any other reading.
- Where was your home?
- My father was a schoolmaster in Munich.

- When did you leave Germany?
- 1934.

So I can plead not guilty, young lady,
to what you suspect.