Pillow Talk

"You are my inspiration, Eileen.
A perfect combination, Eileen.
Your eyes,
your hair are beyond compare.

So is it any wonder?
You captured me,

and now
I'm under your spell? Eileen...

I hate to interrupt,
but would you mind hanging up?

Who's that? - The other half
of my party line. She'll go away.

You've been talking for 30 minutes.
My call is urgent.

This is an urgent call, too.
- Singing to a girl at 9 a.m.?

It's not your business
what he does to me. Or when.

Would you get off this line!
I know it's early, cher.
But I just had to talk to you.

Will I see you tonight?
- I'm sorry, Yvette. I have to work.

I have 6 songs to write
for the new show.

You'll have to eat dinner, no?
- I'll throw something together here.

No, darling, you mustn't.
You must keep up your strength.

I'll come over and cook for you, yes?