Plan 9 from Outer Space

and you Eros, must prove it an operational success before
more time,

energy, and ships, may be spent on it.
We will not fail. Everything is on our side.
Not everything !
You do not have the live Earth people !

You report that your ship was viewed at scene of your present operations ?
That is correct.
They have been viewed many times, but not at the scene of operations.
Something must be done about that.
Stop him Tanna ! He's close enough ! Turn off your electrode gun !
No ! No ! Stop him Tanna !
I can't get it, it's jammed !
-Stop him you fool !

Drop the gun to the floor, Tanna !
The metal will break contact!

[Gasping] That was too close !
Bring the giant here that I may get a better look at him.
Yes, he's a fine specimen.
Are they all this powerful on planet Earth ?

This one is an exception, Excellency.
-What are the other two like ?
-One is a woman, the other an old man.

-An old man, you say ?
-Yes, Excellency.

This gives me a plan. Put the big one away.
Pick up your electrode gun.
Make sure it's in working order before pointing it at him.

Whatever made it jam must have been cleared by the fall.
Take him back to the ship.