Plan 9 from Outer Space

After four years in the Marine Corps ?
-You think we'll need these ?

You can never tell. Let's get going.
-What do you expect to find out here ?
-Well there's only one answer to that Mr. Trent,

we'll know when we find it. Inspector Clay's grave is right over here.
-Is that the one you told me was broken into ?

-This it ?

Looks to me like someone had broken out instead of in.
-I figured that, but that's impossible ! -I wonder.
-Look, Colonel, some things just can't happen.

Yeah well after that apparition that was draped across Mr. Trent's patio, I would say we should keep our minds open to anything.
Look, Colonel, I'm a policeman. I've got to deal in facts.
But, I guess I'll have to go along with you. You know I bet my badge right now we haven't seen the last of those weirdies.
-They'll discover our ship soon.
-You going to let them find us ?

It's the only way. These are the same men who have been so close so often.
They must be halted before they can inform others about us.
-But there were others in the car !
-They'll be taken too.

Send the big one to get the girl and the policeman. I'll turn on the dictorobitary so we may converse with them.