Pork Chop Hill

But sir, Battalion can't add.
I consider the rotation system a solid
contract between the army and myself.

You're right. Sue 'em.
Lieutenant O'Hashi, sir?
You're the executive officer.
Request permission to call Regiment.

- Permission refused.
- I wanna talk to the colonel.

Ever heard of channels?
You can't call Regiment.

Why not? They called us.
Get out of here, Forstman.
I just had my leave cancelled.

You're talkin to a man in a black mood,
and i'm liable to shoot you.

OK, OK. If that's the way it is, I want
this registered as a formal complaint.

I'll have it entered into company records.
- Another raisin?
- No thanks, Lieutenant.

My mouth's full already. Cotton.
Why don't they get some heat in here?
Aren't you cold?
I'm from the Panhandle. That's cold.
Sometimes when we talked the words
comin outta your mouth'd freeze solid.

Had to drop em in a frying pan
to thaw 'em out,

find out what we were talkin' about.
(phone rings)
King Company.
Yes, sir.
One moment, sir.

- Sir, it's Battalion. Colonel Davis.
- Guess this is the business.