Pork Chop Hill

Lieutenant Clemons.
Maybe it's a reprieve,
or news from Panmunjom.

Yes, sir.
Pork Chop's been lost. They were right
in the trenches before anybody knew it.

- Who goofed this time?
- Kreukenberg, get the men assembled.

Waldorf, maybe nobody goofed.
These Chinese are good.

They never heard of rotation.
All old hands, and tops at this night stuff.

- We've gotta counterattack em at night?
- That's right.

No time for a reconnaissance.
We'll have to go by the book.

Don't ask me how we're
gonna read it in the dark.

Let's go. We gotta make it before daylight.
Payne, your radio'l be on Company
frequency. Coleman, you're on Battalion.

- You got your letter written?
- The papers say the war's over.

Check that tailgate.
- All right, you guys, closing it.
- Take an ammo check.

I know how you feel, Joe.
It's a rough one to cut your teeth on.

But you're a pro-youl do all right.
- I'd better do all right.
- Level with me, Joe.

Is Pork Chop worth all this?
A lousy, undefendable outpost?

Pork Chop's just cost one company
and may cost another. Us.

Are you telling me it's worth all that?
Well, look, Tsugi. Pork Chop is just
a chip in the big game at Panmunjom.

Every time the Reds win a chip here,
they raise the ante there.