Pork Chop Hill

How you deploy your company
l'll leave up to you.

(radio operator) X-ray Yoke, Fox Able,
Mike Oboe, Charlie Dog...
The trenches are gonna be
tougher than the climb up.

I'll keep the third platoon in reserve
until we get up there.

I'll start with the first platoon on the left
and the second platoon on the right.

Uh... this concertina wire is gonna be
pretty tough to get through in the dark.

No, the report has it,
it's been flattened by artillery.

I'd suggest you set up your aid station
here in this chow bunker.

We'l try to evacuate casualties
down this access road.

Don't forget your radio.
Keep me informed-that's what it's for.

I can't help if I don't know
where you are and what you're doing.

- We won't forget, sir.
- Remember this.

You've got 135 men, all of them
thinking of the peace talks at Panmunjom.

It's a cinch they won't wanna die
in what may be the last battle.

When you hit the line of departure,
deploy fast and get up there fast.

Lead them, push them, i don't care,
but don't let them stop.

Your only chance is to get into
these trenches before daylight.

What about this flank?
I haven't got enough men to protect it.

Love Company's assignment. They should
be in position by the time you get there.

As to artillery preparation, we've been
keeping fire on this hill right along.

So when you're ready, call me,
and i'll have it lifted.

Yes, sir.
- Anything else, sir?
- No, I don't think so.

Good luck.