Pork Chop Hill

He's your squad leader, isn't he?
Take over the squad.

I don't know where the squad is!
- Can you make it back?
- I can see. Yes, sir.

Franklin, help him over the wall.
Sir, Lieutenant Cook thinks
he sees Love Company coming.

That'll be the eighth wonder of the world.
Hold everything, Franklin.
- Jurgens?
- Yes, sir?

He can make it by himself.
Keep an eye on that man.
Don't let him out of your sight.

After you, soldier.
The way things are going, i won't
have to keep an eye on you long. Let's go!

Hey, you! This way!
Who are you starin' at?
You. Who do you think i'm starin' at?
What for?
I got a special interest
in everything you do.