Pork Chop Hill

You think they've quit trying here?
I haven't seen a live Chinese
for at least five minutes.

- The runner said you saw Love Company.
- I thought so, but it was a while ago.

Since then, not a hair.
- Get me Battalion.
- Yes, sir.

- How many men you got left?
- One gunner here,

team on the gun below,
about one half of a rifle squad.

Leave that gunner where he is
and move in with the rest.

You did a good job, Cook.
Just send the bill to Love Company.

Colonel Davis, sir.
Lieutenant Clemons.
Both platoons are in position.
But there are a dozen trenches here.
We've got a foothold in only two.

Yeah, l've got it.
What about the second platoon?

With both platoons pinching together,
shouldn't you have taken the CP bunker?

Maybe, but there's heavy pressure from
the right flank you said not to worry about.

Where are you now?
OK. You can hold that flank, can't you?
I'm not sure that we can. We can't do Love
Company's job with one machine gun.