Pork Chop Hill

You'd better bring up the third platoon,
Joe. We're stretched mighty thin.

What's the sense of pushing your luck?
Let me go down and get 'em.

Not yet.
We've got to have something in reserve.

The Chinese love this eyeball-to-eyeball
stuff. This fight hasn't even begun.

And we're damn near finished.
No sense saving the third platoon
just to bury us, Joe.

Had your iron today?
OK, i'll shut up. I just hope
your hunch is better than mine.

That makes two of us.
If you run into any more stragglers,
push em up toward the CP bunker.

So i'm back to squad leader now.
Things are tough all over, Lieutenant.
- Here we go again.
- Sir! Sir!

Look, there, comin through the wire.
Looks like Love Company, sir.
- Do i give Battalion the good news?
- Not yet.

- Marshall, Love Company.
- Where in the hell have you been?

- We haven't been pickin' daisies.
- You left my flank wide open.

Who's responsible? Where's Crittenden?
He's in command, isn't he?

He was, and then Bechtel,
and now it's me.

You'd better be damn glad
we got here at all.