Pork Chop Hill

That makes you a runner. Tsugi.
Runner. And me the electronic type.
You were the electronic type.
OK, now you can
bring up the third platoon.

Careful. I might keep right on goin'.
If i had my bags packed, l'd go with you.
- Adios.
- Hasta la vista.

- Battalion's trying to get through.
- What do they say?

The Chinese are jamming.
(imitates distortion)

- You made it just in time, sir.
- How's it going?

There are a lot of casualties, sir.
More comin' down every minute.

- How's it up on the hill?
- The old man just took the Korea Hilton.

Unless those ammo bearers get up here,
he won't hold it long.

Sir, good luck.
Hello, Tsugi.
Come on in.
Sign the register.

Get one squad up ahead
to give us security.

Spread the rest of your men
along this trench.