Pork Chop Hill

Can you speak louder?
The shelling's heavy here.

It's no picnic here either, sir.
We've taken the crest of the hill
and the whole trench system.

There are still plenty of Chinese around.
I repeat my request for food, water,
medical supplies and ammo. Over.

Show them this, sir.
Blue Six. Blue Six, this is King.
Can you hear me? Over.
What'd he say, sir?
What did he say?

He's taken the hill.
That's all i could hear.

King Six, can you hear me? Over.
Nothin'but a lot of noise.
- Try'em again later.
- Yes, sir.

That's what they look like alive?
That's what l've been afraid of?

(Chinese PA)
Men of King Company, congratulations.

You hold the whole hill now
and your tactics and bravery
deserve our deepest respect.

However, i must point out a simple truth.
The more ground you take,
the more you have to try to defend.