Pork Chop Hill

Look around.
Is the man behind you a Gi or a Chinese?

It's hard to fiight and look over
your shoulder at the same time, isn't it?

You'll excuse me.
You and Kissel, back to your positions.

Soldier, you take'em to the rear,
then report to the aid station.

I want you to find Lieutenant Waldorf.
Tell him to expect shellings
at regular intervals.

Counterattacks in between.
Tell him to keep his men in the bunkers.

Give every man an assigned defensive
position he can get to in a hurry.

- You got it?
- Yes, sir.

All right, head for the bunkers.
- You first. I need that radio.
- With pleasure, sir.

You pass the word along.
Hi, Sam.
- Have some?
- I'm not hungry.

Awfully good beans. You oughta have
some. You'll be eating chop suey soon.

- And my name's not Sam.
- Look out!

(close explosion)
Comin' through.
Who invited you here, anyway? Don't you
know there's a vital part of me exposed?

l've been invited to nicer places.
Come on, Chuck.
It's letting up. Let's go.

Let's find a place where
we can get a warmer welcome.

Yeah, and a thicker roof.